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Monday, June 27, 2011

Episodic Gaming

   Been thinking a lot about the above title. Episodic gaming, when's it been successful, when has it not and why? The main reason I'm putting so much time into it though is because of this idea I've been letting stew in my head for a number of months now.

   I have this idea for a game franchise that would be an episodic parody of 8 bit and 16 bit games from my childhood. More over, I think one of the things that could help this idea where others may have failed is that each episode can be seen more as a contained game of its own (similar to the bit trip games). They don't rely on each other to flesh out an over arching storyline. Although appropriately placed call backs stylishly replayed in latter games could be nice humorous bits for the fans who've played all of them, and even an incentive for others just beginning to bite the bit a little, to go back and play the previous titles. As well as allowing me to put a desired end point to the whole thing and build even more hype around a possible "SERIES FINALE". And failing that, if two or three can actually be released without getting to the finale, no loss. Self containment means nobody is left out to dry.

   In modern times, thinking about distribution and specific platforms can help lowly student grunts like myself reach higher plateaus. Hope this ends up being good. 

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