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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Elusive Fourth Post

   I've kind of hit the wall discovery project wise. I'm currently at the rules stage and I've found that it takes a ton of concept time and play testing. Although the points behind balancing luck and skill were invaluable, and will make fleshing the final rules out much easier. I could possibly pitch this as a game that could be played simply at first and then more complex with the level of comfort somebody has with the layout and rules.

   However that's also pretty ambitious for something that needs to be finished in 7 weeks total. I honestly should plan out a goal of where I want to be by next week. Since I don't really want to exhaust myself on rules, which admittedly are important, I want to have the game pieces already conceived sculpted and have started to paint. Don't get anywhere in this world without goals in mind, right?

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